Position Name Email Address
President Lara Schwartz gro.atpsmom@tnediserp
Vice President Dani Gurrie gro.atpsmom@pv
Treasurer Kate Dudash gro.atpsmom@rerusaert
Secretary Michelle Beach gro.atpsmom@yraterces
Conference Sign-ups Laurie Larrson gro.atpsmom@secnerefnoc
Copy Room Coordinator Erik Dudash gro.atpsmom@moorypoc
County Council Rep. OPEN
8th Grade Dance Kate Dudash gro.atpsmom@ecnad
8th Grade Dance Michelle Beach gro.atpsmom@ecnad
End of Year Picnic Lara Schwartz gro.atpsmom@cincip
Family Involvement (Convocation Ceremonies) April Rupert gro.atpsmom@tnemevlovni
Fundraising Dani Gurrie gro.atpsmom@gnisiardnuf
International Night Lara Schwartz gro.atpsmom@lanoitanretni
International Night Jody Sullivan gro.atpsmom@lanoitanretni
Membership Patty Ford gro.atpsmom@pihsrebmem
Public Relations Dani Gurrie gro.atpsmom@rp
Reflections Stacy Giles gro.atpsmom@snoitcelfer
Social Media - Facebook/Twitter Phil Geyer gro.atpsmom@aidemlaicos
Spiritwear Ann Geyer gro.atpsmom@raewtirips
Staff Appreciation Erik & Kate Dudash gro.atpsmom@noitaicerppa
Staff Meals Laura Busch gro.atpsmom@slaem
Staff Meals Courtney Scott gro.atpsmom@slaem
Volunteer Coordinator Lori Morris gro.atpsmom@sreetnulov
Staff Representative Mrs. Lambert gro.atpsmom@perffats

Monocacy Middle School PTA
Monocacy Middle School PTA


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